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Support for Schools During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Support for Schools During the COVID-19 Outbreak

We are living in unprecedented times! No body thought in their mind that this would happen in our generation. Like most of you, I have been closely watching the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted many around the world. Living in Nairobi, the most impacted county in the Kenya, I have seen firsthand how the outbreak is shaking up our community, and how schools of all sizes are struggling to maintain continuity.

At CloudSchool, we believe everyone in the world should be able to connect with others through audio and video over the Internet, just like any basic utility. We also believe that each school should have access to tools that help them manage better and for every students to have access to quality learning through internet. Ever since the company was founded in 2016, we’ve offered school management solutions to more than 100 schools and helped more than 50,000 students access online academic reports and online learning content. At a time when schools are increasingly leaning into reliable and scalable video conferencing and e-learning solutions, it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to help our community deal with the outbreak and sustain operations.

With more institutions turning to virtual, online solutions to keep things operating business as usual during this time, most schools administrator’s are not sure of how to handle the situation. Most have landed to Zoom for live classroom sessions but the main challenge is that not all students are online for these classes since they can only use their parent’s phone to access. This makes them miss out on crucial lessons. Other Schools choose Google Classroom which is more suitable to American education and has no video functionality hence students missing out on live interactions among other challenges. Schools find it difficult to bill parent’s when using these applications. There are other applications in the market but most don’t address the local challenges that our schools face.

At Cloud School we have built a learning platform that addresses all challenges that most schools currently face while trying to offer online learning. Cloud School Online Learning Module come with a number of features like pre-recorded video lessons, assignments, quizzes, class notes, messaging, 1-to-1 tutoring, whiteboard, live classes and above all ability to bill the parents and have control of what students access. With teachers recording lessons, it means that students can access them at any time and learn at their own pace without the fear of competition, fear of teachers or fear of failure. Students can also take online quizzes after a lesson without any pressure which builds their confidence and improve their self learning capability. Our platform helps understand students abilities and help them learn at their own pace using our adaptive technology.

Cloud School is not just for online learning but brings more value to a school with modules like Students Administration, Online Admission, Accounts, Library, Stores, Academic reporting with support for CBC , 8-4-4 & ACE curriculum, Among other features.

We are fully committed to supporting our current and future customers during this time, and have set up a team that is dedicated to this effort, including proactively monitoring our network to ensure maximum reliability and zero downtime amid any usage spikes. Thank you for your continued trust in Cloud School, and please reach out to our team should you want any kind of support or to use the platform. Register your school today to start enjoying these features and much more. Enjoy 1 month free Trial!

Stay healthy and resilient!


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