What is a School Management System?

A school management system is a software application that is developed to enable administrators or directors to manage all their institutions’ aspects in one place. The Cloud School system for example, comprises modules such as admission of students, exam and academics, accounts, library, E-Learning, stores, transport and communication. This means that institutions can now get rid of excel files and opt for the Eco-friendly, more effective solution.

The system includes portals for all stakeholders involved. A parents portal that helps them monitor the progress of their children, a students portal that enhances the learning process, a teachers portal that enables the teachers to manage their classes, and an administrative portal that allows the party in charge to keep tabs on the school at large.

This means that the administrator can check on the progress of the students just by logging in to the system. The accountant can bill students, issue fee structures, give discounts, and debit students, all in one system and remotely(from anywhere). The parents, through the portal, can also be able to view their children’s results, communicate with the teachers and even access fee structures and balances. All this and many more features help increase the productivity of the school and increase transparency with its’ stakeholders.

Most but not all of these systems are in most instances integrated with all the aspects of the school. In time, Online solutions like Cloud school are being embraced by most schools. You can get a free demo and a 30-days free trial on www.cloudschool.co.ke. The online/cloud school system is ideal because you can access your institutions data from anywhere and at any given time.

With the continuous increase in data use, it has become more challenging for schools to keep all their vital information, programs, and systems functioning on in-house computer servers. The pressing demand for a centralized management information system has driven schools to seek innovative solutions. Go bigger and be better.

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